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Question: Discuss about the Financial and Management accounting. Answer: Activity based costing Activity-based costing is the methodology for allocating the overheads more precisely over those items actually used by the process. This method can be used for achieving target deduction in the overhead expenses (Bhimani 2012). It works best in the complex circumstance where many products and machines are there, processes are tangled and not easy for sorting out. On the contrary, it is not of much importance where the process of production is simple. ABC identifies the special training, machine set up, special engineering and other activities that generate costs and lead the company to the consumer resources. As per ABC the company computes the resource cost used under the activities (Bunn and Sapio 2015). Thereafter, cost of each activity is assigned only over the products that require the activities. ABC has become important in past few years as the manufacturing costs increased significantly, diversity with regard to the demands of the customer as well as the product has been inc reased significantly, the costs of manufacturing overheads do not correlate with the direct labour hours and productive machine hours anymore and few products are produced under large batches while other products are produced under small batches. Various advantages are there with regard to usages of ABC. These are Make or buy it provides the comprehensive view regarding each cost that is associated with in-house manufacturing of any product so that the company can precisely analyse which cost shall be eliminated if the product is outsourced and which cost can be carried on. Minimum price pricing is done for the product in such way that the market will be ready to pay and the marketing manager shall know the product cost before deciding the price of the product. It will assist the company to avoid the situation where the company will lose money due to high pricing of product. ABC helps to determine which cost is to be included under this minimum product price based on the circumstances under which the product is to be sold (Guerrero-Baena, Gmez-Limn and Fruet Cardozo 2013). Cost for production facility it becomes easy to differentiate the overhead cost at the level of production plant which in turn enables the manager to compare the production cost among various facilities (Linassi, Alberton and Marinho 2016). Customers profitability mostly the costs incurred by individual customers are product cost that includes the overhead expenses and other costs like handling of product return, high level of customer service and agreements for cooperative marketing. ABC method can sort through the additional overhead costs and may assist in determining which customer is earning the reasonable profit (Drury 2013). However, some issues must be taken into consideration before implementing the ABC system. These are Volume for cost pool though the ABC system produces information of high quality, it comes with the cost of various cost pools and cost of managing system increases with additional cost pools. For reducing these costs, ongoing analysis of cost shall be carried out with comparing the utility of each cost pool. Time for installation the ABC system is quite difficult to install as it may require multi-year installations where the company try to install this across all the facilities and products. Further, it is difficult to manage the high level budgetary support as time wasted without the completion of installations (Fathi and Elham 2015). Project basis generally the ABC projects are allowed on basis of the project so that the information is collected only once. Further, the information can be useful for the current operational situation of the company. Therefore, management may not authorize the funding for future ABC project. Separate data set the ABC system can rarely be constructed for pulling all the information it requires from general ledger directly. Rather, it needs the separate database that can pull the information from various sources and only one may be existed in the general ledger accounts. Therefore it becomes difficult to manage the extra database as it requires considerably additional staff time for which adequate budget may not be there (Langfield-Smith et al. 2015). Therefore, before implementing the ABC system all the above factors shall be taken into account. Computation of the per unit cost for listed activities based on activity drivers Activity Total activity cost Activity driver Quantity of activity driver Cost per unit of activity Prepare annual accounts $ 5,000.00 None available Process receivables $ 15,000.00 No. of invoices 5000 $ 3.00 Process payables $ 25,000.00 No. of purchase orders 2500 $ 10.00 Program production $ 28,000.00 No. of production schedules 1000 $ 28.00 Process sales order $ 40,000.00 No. of sales orders 4000 $ 10.00 Dispatch sales order $ 30,000.00 No. of dispatches 2500 $ 12.00 Develop and test products $ 60,000.00 Assigned directly to product Load mixers $ 14,050.00 No. of batches 1000 $ 14.05 Operate mixers $ 45,900.00 No. of kilograms 200000 $ 0.23 Clean mixers $ 6,900.00 No. of trays 1000 $ 6.90 Move mixers to filling $ 3,450.00 No. of cakes / Pastries 200000 $ 0.02 Clean trays $ 20,000.00 No. of trays 16000 $ 1.25 Fill trays $ 16,000.00 No. of cakes / Pastries 800000 $ 0.02 Move to baking $ 8,000.00 No. of trays 16000 $ 0.50 Set up ovens $ 50,000.00 No. of batches 1000 $ 50.00 Bake cakes / Pastries $ 130,000.00 No. of batches 1000 $ 130.00 Move to packing $ 40,000.00 No. of trays 16000 $ 2.50 Pack cakes / pastries $ 80,000.00 No. of cakes / Pastries 800000 $ 0.10 Inspect pastries $ 2,500.00 No. of pastries 50000 $ 0.05 Determining the per unit cost for Lamington and preparation of activity bill Activity Cost per unit of activity Annual quantity Total cost per activity Process receivables $ 3.00 500 $ 1,500.00 Process payables $ 10.00 200 $ 2,000.00 Program production $ 28.00 100 $ 2,800.00 Process sales order $ 10.00 400 $ 4,000.00 Load mixers $ 14.05 100 $ 1,405.00 Operate mixers $ 0.23 30000 $ 6,885.00 Clean mixers $ 6.90 100 $ 690.00 Move mixers to filling $ 0.02 30000 $ 517.50 Clean trays $ 1.25 2000 $ 2,500.00 Fill trays $ 0.02 100000 $ 2,000.00 Move to baking $ 0.50 2000 $ 1,000.00 Set up ovens $ 50.00 100 $ 5,000.00 Bake cakes / Pastries $ 130.00 100 $ 13,000.00 Move to packing $ 2.50 2000 $ 5,000.00 Pack cakes / pastries $ 0.10 100000 $ 10,000.00 Dispatch sales order $ 12.00 500 $ 6,000.00 Develop and test product $ 600.00 Total $ 64,897.50 Other costs Other costs that can be added to compute the cost of product for Lamington may include labour cost, product inspection cost, operational cost, material cost associated with the product. Budgeting Utilization of budgets for business decision evaluation Once the business becomes operational it is important to manage the financial performance of the company efficiently. Generating the process of budgeting is the most efficient way for keeping the business and finance on the track. Structured planning can create the actual difference with regard to the business growth and it enables the managers to concentrate on the resources for improving the profits, minimising the costs and enhancing the return on the investment (Lidia 2014). Key benefits for the business planning are that it enables the manager for creating the focus on the business direction and delivers the target that may help the business to grow. It also gives the opportunity for standing back and analyse the performance and the factors that are affecting he business. Planning the budget gives greater ability or making continuous improvements and solving the problems. It also gives the appropriate financial information that can provide the base for decisions which in turn cr eate greater confidence in the process of decision making (Silva and Jayamaha 2012). Further, various benefits of the business budget are as follows Helps in allocating the resources over the appropriate projects Helps in planning for the future Monitoring the performance Meeting the objectives Improving the decision making Increasing the motivation of the staffs Impact of the sales revenue Fee structure and new plan for membership Receipts of cash plays important role for measuring the cash sales or credit sales and analysing the cash flows. 2 major factors identified in HLW that have an impact on the cash receipts are the annual membership fees and court fees that are charged on hourly basis. Annual membership fees are the fixed fees and collected annually. Thus, the annual membership fees are constant and fixed receipt, on the contrary, the court fees charged on hourly basis ranges from $ 8 to $ 12 and vary on the basis of duration spent in the club, time of the day, season of the year, number of the customers and prime or non-prime time. Thus, it is not possible to accurately predict the receipt from court fees that are charged on hourly basis (Damanpour and Aravind 2012). Implementation of the new membership plan will enable the company to plan the cash in better manner as it will improve the cash flow management and draft the future plan for minimising the situation of shortages of cash. It will increase the probability of enhancing the profit with minimization of future as well as current debts. However, implementation of the new fees structure will not affect the overall profit. Implementation of the new plan the cash receipt plan of the company can be improved as the court fees charged on hourly basis are taken out and thereby the annual membership fees are only left for the purpose of charging. Therefore, the impacted on the receipt will be greatly reduced and as the membership fees charged on annual basis are fixed and constant, the receipts can be predicted (Weygandt, Kimmel and Kieso 2015). Further, the probability of cash loss generated from the court fees charged on hourly basis will be reduced after implementation of new membership plan. Thus, new plan implementation will improve the efficiency and enhance the HLWs ability for management of their cash and planning for the future decision. Impact of the sales revenue Receipts from the membership fees Particulars Amount Individual $ 22,500.00 Student $ 15,000.00 Family $ 100,000.00 Total $ 137,500.00 Receipts from court fees Particulars Amount Prime time $ 86,400.00 Non-prime time $ 56,000.00 Off season $ 21,600.00 Total $ 164,000.00 Total receipt from the 2 sources will be = ($ 137,500 + $ 164, 000) = $ 301,500. Computation of receipts after new plan implementation Receipts from membership fees will be New members = (2000 / 70%) = 1400 members Under in case of campaign Particulars Amount Family $ 141,750.00 Individual $ 78,750.00 Total $ 220,500.00 Receipts under no campaign Particulars Amount Family $ 192,500.00 Individual $ 115,500.00 Total $ 308,000.00 Total receipts under new implementation plan Particulars Amount Under campaign $ 220,500.00 Under no-campaign $ 308,000.00 Total receipts $ 528,500.00 It can be identified from the above calculation that the plan for fees collection or new membership plan will have effective and positive impact on processing and it will enhance the generation of revenue as the incremental revenue will be ($ 528,500 - $ 301,500) = $ 227,000. Effect of sales revenue from the planned change in fee structure: Analysis of the new fee structure and membership plan for rejecting it or adopting it For analysis, the following key factors were identified by HLW For analysing the membership plan entirely, HLW made various analyses on financial aspect like the company calculated the liquid ratios for analysing the liquidity status. Further, they also prepared the cash flow statement for controlling the available liquid funds. Moreover, they tried to maintain sufficient balance between the amount of cash inflows and outflows. For the purpose of achieving the target they also prepared the flexible budget and the statement for estimation of cash flows (McVay 2015). The HLW management recognized that the minimization of the administration cost after new membership plan implementation as the club will no more be required to prepare the revenue collection data on regular basis (Burns and Walker 2015). However, initially the plan may get adverse opinion from the management as they will face problem in collecting the membership fees. Moreover, the onetime fees may seem to be a burden for the members which in turn may reduce the number of members cons iderably. Further, as per the new membership plan the members required to pay the payment for entire year as the advance payment (Estampe et al. 2013). Therefore, as per the new policy onetime cash budgets is required to be prepared as the payment will be made once in the year. However, to execute the plan successfully effective cash management is required to be in place that includes controlling and managing the cash efficiently. It has been concluded from the above analysis that Activity based costing can be used for achieving target deduction in the overhead expenses. It works best in the complex circumstance where many products and machines are there, processes are tangled and not easy for sorting out. ABC identifies the special training, machine set up, special engineering and other activities that generate costs and lead the company to the consumer resources. However, it is not of much importance where the process of production is simple. On the other hand, planning the budget gives greater ability or making continuous improvements and solving the problems. It also gives the appropriate financial information that can provide the base for decisions which in turn create greater confidence in the process of decision making. Reference Bhimani, A. 2012,Introduction to management accounting,Financial Times Prentice Hall, Harlow. Bunn, D., Koc, V. and Sapio, A. 2015, "Resource externalities and the persistence of heterogeneous pricing behavior in an energy commodity market",Energy Economics,vol. 48, pp. 265-275. Burns, R. and Walker, J., 2015. Capital budgeting surveys: the future is now. Damanpour, F. and Aravind, D., 2012. Managerial innovation: Conceptions, processes, and antecedents.Management and Organization Review,8(2), pp.423-454. Drury, C.M., 2013.Management and cost accounting. Springer. Estampe, D., Lamouri, S., Paris, J.L. and Brahim-Djelloul, S., 2013. A framework for analysing supply chain performance evaluation models.International Journal of Production Economics,142(2), pp.247-258. Fathi, Z. and Elham, M.D., 2015, A survey of activity-based costing in hotel industry, Management Science Letters,vol. 5, no. 9, pp. 855-860. Guerrero-Baena, M.D., Gmez-Limn, J.A. and Fruet Cardozo, J.V. 2013, "The capital budgeting process: A methodological approach based on financial and intellectual value creation",Intangible Capital,vol. 9, no. 4. Langfield-Smith, K., Thorne, H., Smith, D.A. and Hilton, R.W. 2015,Management accounting: information for creating and managing value,7e [] edn, McGraw-Hill Education, North Ryde, N.S.W. Lidia, T.G. 2014, Difficulties of the Budgeting Process and Factors Leading to the Decision to Implement this Management Tool,Procedia Economics and Finance,vol. 15, pp. 466-473. Linassi, R., Alberton, A. and Marinho, S.V. 2016, "Menu engineering and activity-based costing: An improved method of menu planning",International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,vol. 28, no. 7, pp. 1417-1440. McVay, G.J. 2015, "The effects of compensation scheme, source credibility, and receiver involvement on the organizational budgeting process",Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal,vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 217. Silva, L.M.D. and Jayamaha, A., 2012. Budgetary process and organizational performance of apparel industry in Sri Lanka.Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences,3(4), p.354. Weygandt, J.J., Kimmel, P.D. and Kieso, D.E., 2015.Financial Managerial Accounting. John Wiley Sons.

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The Business Life of Ancient Athens Essay Example For Students

The Business Life of Ancient Athens Essay The Business Life of Ancient Athens is an informative book about different aspects of Ancient businesses and Ancient ways of dealing with money. This book first starts out by explaining the agricultural aspects of Ancient Athens. Agriculture was not well for Athens, so they had to trade a lot. It is recorded as early as the 6th century BC that grain was a very big part of an average Athenians diet. Therefore; much grain trade was necessary because Greece land was very bad for agricultural purposes. Athens had grown industrially and commercially within time, and this was also a problem: overpopulation. Also, many Spartan tribes over and over attacked Greece and destroyed any crops that might grow in the soil. Peasants were also sent to work at farms but they lost care in their farms and found it better to live in the city, living off small amounts of money that came from doing state services. During this time, many people learned ways of math because they needed to know how much grain is needed per person. Although these calculations are not totally accurate, they are a start in banking and maybe even other ways of mathematics. The Peloponnesian War also occurred- leaving Greece(Attica) with nothing. Attica was forced by famine to go under Peloponnesian rule. By now, trade had come in an uproar. Many people had found it easy to trade by sea. So many merchants with not enough money would borrow money from rich people and then buy cargo space on a ship. In most cases the merchant went on the ship to get the goods to sell. Then on returning, the merchant would sell the goods, and then pay off the lender, with a 22.5 percent interest rate. In many cases, problems occurred, sometimes a merchant returned late, could not pay all of the money back, or something or other. Therefore the idea of a collateral was invented. Also, courts were established to rule these sorts of fights amongst the people. These courts werent used in the winter because of stormy weather and so n ot to interrupt commercial business. Courts were required to solve a case within 30 days, this procedure only applies to cases where and actual legal documented agreement was made between the lender and the merchant. Many merchants did not return, therefore the collateral was the lenders to keep. But often the merchant didnt have anything good to start with so many lenders lost money. Next, the book talked about Banking and Bankers. Early banking dates back all the way to Sumer and Akkadwhere many specialized in weighing things and telling of precious metals. Banking was first found where coinage started, in the middle of Asia Minor, around the 7th century BC. Coinage was also thought to have started with Minoans, but they are not sure. It is thought that the idea of banking may have started with the priests of Sumer and Akkad, priests were always the bankers of temples and organizer of the money. The Greeks took the information from these past priests and formed a banking system th at consisted monetary transactions. And they concentrated in dealing with strictly money and giving out money. The Romans took this idea further and made what is similar to modern 1980s bank situations(banking has progressed in the last decade). With banking, the Greeks learned frugal manner and ways of living with money, and not bartering. Lastly, this book speaks about Mining in Ancient Athens. Around 500 BC. Mining was introduced in Athens. If the ways of the mining business had not come, Athens would have probably lost an oncoming war with the Persians, but because of the mining, many new people joined Athens and Persia decided not to invade. They feared it because it had become much greater in strength. If mining had not come, there would have been no Athenian Empire, or an Age of Pericles. So, in the scabrous hills of Laurium, silver struck. Everyone was fascinated with this new idea. In present day Laurium, you can still see the remains of the mining and see everything. Many things were not found out about the mining, because not too many records were kept. But many modern engineers and archaeologists have looked into the land of Laurium and have found remains of apparatus, and from analyzation of cinder collections. However, it is not known how silver was extracted from the stones, how they were crushed and how they eventually made silver objects from the mined silver. The history of this can not be reconstructed. .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a , .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a .postImageUrl , .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a , .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a:hover , .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a:visited , .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a:active { border:0!important; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a:active , .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ud34a22d32e3649d90e704f430c82468a:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Theory of Knowledge Persuasive Essay We will write a custom essay on The Business Life of Ancient Athens specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now The way this author approaches this topic is in a supportive way. He is very Greek favoring and states many comments about how many people do NOT give the early Greek people the credit they deserve. For instance on page 82 the author statesmany students of economic history have not yet given Greek banking the attention it deservesin banking. and the author proceeds in telling of all the wonderful things the Greeks have done about banking and how the Romans merely just watched the early Greeks. The author also thinks of the mining industry as wonderful. He explained it in such an exciting manner . As a result of reading this book, I have formed many new opinions. For example, I never knew that business started as early as it didin the manner of banking. I figured that banking probably didnt come until at least a couple of centuries after Christ. Also, I learned about mining and all the things that were involved with it. Here again I was surprised that it had started so early. My outl ook on the business filed has changed. I thought that all these business people were so great to come up with all these ideas, but they are truly just taking the basics of early history in business and applying it to modern ways. I think the authors purpose of writing this book was to make me confused! No, I really think that the purpose of writing this book was to inform people of the ways of early business life, and the way our ancestors were dealing with the business industry back then. Also, it was a way to carry on history even further, to state the facts for people even farther down the road of the world. The author did not try to persuade the reader in any way, although he did favor the Greeks a lot. Hethe author did, however, compare and contrast almost all of the situations with the modern world. I think that the author succeeded in his purpose in that he wanted to get the Greek side of the story out, and also tell a lot of facts too. He kept on, over and over, telling what the Greeks did that others took the credit for. For example, when talking about coinage, he said that the Lydians were the founder of coins. But he left a trace saying that the Greeks too, had knowledge of coins, but the Lydians developed it faster than them. The author repeatedly stated facts about the Ancient Businesses, telling of how courts developed, how they ran, how they were maintained, how they were functioning. And he did this similarly to almost all the subjects he touched upon like Mining, Banking, Agriculture, Trade, the course of economic evolution. All in all my opinion of this book is good. I wis hed at most times that it wasnt so factual and the author also used a number of hard to comprehend ways of saying things.The part of the book that I found the most interesting is the part about the Grain Trade. The Early Athenians had such a need for grains and they could not get it so they eventually had to surrender to the Peloponnesians, which they DID fight and went through months of famine. And I also enjoyed the part of the book that talked about early banking. I was very surprised that banking started so early. I think that by reading this book, I learned many things, and it helped me better my knowledge of history. Category: Roman Culture

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Israels Economy essays

Israels Economy essays Israels economy stands on natural resources. Copper and salt can be found there. Also, natural chemicals like potash and phosphates come from the Dead Sea area. Israel is one of the top producers rubber, plastics and chemicals. Also, clay and sand come naturally to Israel. Scientists have proven that Israel can grow fruits and vegetables in its hot and dry deserts. That gives them a bigger amount of plants to sell and help their economy. Citrus fruits and vegetables help a great deal to Israels economy no matter where theyre grown. Israels economy needs a little help but their natural resources do quite a bit for them. Israel depends on trading with other countries and manufacturing goods in order to have the things they need. Israels main trading partners are England, America, Germany, Italy and France. In fact, one third of the countrys exports go to The US. Clothing and other household goods are manufactured in Israel but are mostly not traded because the country is unable to make enough of an abundance. The clothing industry employs over 46,000 workers in Israel. Israel is also the top exporter of cut and polished diamonds. Products for the military have to be manufactured because of their political state. The only vehicles manufactured in Israel go to their armed forces, forcing them to import all of their cars. Israel produces electronics like laser equipment, image processing devices and fiber optic materials. Israel trades great amounts and manufactures great amounts. All of this Israel has huge amounts of tourism. More than 2,000,000 tourists visit the country every year. Tourism is one of Israels most profitable industries. People travel to Israel because of their religion, to visit family or for just sight seeing. In 1986, 929631 tourists traveled to the country by air. All of those tourists earned ...

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Nuclear power is bad ( this is my position them) Essay

Nuclear power is bad ( this is my position them) - Essay Example Here the question comes forward whether there are enough good people around this world to rein nuclear power the betterment of humanity. In this regard Einstein says, â€Å"The splitting of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and thus we drift toward unparalleled catastrophe† (Krieger). History itself asserts the negative aspects of human being. During the horror of the Second World War Humanity witnessed the destructive force of nuclear weapons with her utmost fear and pang. Even the famous scientist Einstein became remorseful –remembering its destruction- for inspiring the then US President Franklin Roosevelt to build nuclear weapons. A single â€Å"Fat man†- the bomb used against Japan- tolled about 67000 lives that died before they knew why they were dying. Another bomb ‘Little Boy’ tolled about 100000 of lives in another city of Japan. Since 1945 people of the world become aware of the curse of nuclear weapons that can put the lives of 600 billions of people of the world out at a blink of an eye. Peace-loving people raise their voice against this curse of Nuclear power. There is no doubt that nuclear power is the only violent power, which man has ever slaved. But as to its destructive force, it is certainly a curse for humanity. The document of â€Å"Russell-Einstein manifesto† begins with the line, â€Å"In the tragic situation that confronts humanity, we feel that scientists should assemble in conference to appraise the perils that have arisen as a result of the development of weapons of mass destruction, and to discuss a resolution in the spirit of the appended draft† (Krieger). These lines are sufficient to unveil the demonic face of nuclear power. There go controversies on whether nuclear power is a blessing or a curse. Though nuclear power has positive sides, its negative sides obviously outweigh them. When the world is panting

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SMC Orchestra Concerto Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

SMC Orchestra Concerto - Essay Example The first piece was Overture to â€Å"Don Giovanni,† K.257 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with the conductor of the piece being Fang-Ning Lim. The piece authored by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in 1787 consisted of ten instruments each connected to the other. In the first part, the conductor introduced the andante with the flute 1 being the instrument of choice with the part ending in C major with a flute 2. Conversely, the second pair of instruments used in part was oboes, with oboe one starting in the andante while oboe 2 ended in D major. After the oboes, the clarinets started with the first clarinet in A major starting whereby the oboe 2 ended. Thereafter, the second clarinet took over in F major. Other instruments used in the piece were two bassoons, horns, violins, trumpets, horns, timpani, violas, cellos and basses. Importantly, slow movements all through marked this andante and the entire piece and by the end of the piece, I had a feeling that the show had just started. After the first piece, the second piece introduced by James Martin was Keyboard Concerto in D Minor, BWV 1052 by Johan Sebastian Bach. James Martin told us that Johan composed the piece in 1734. Importantly, the piece included three movements, which are allegro, adagio, and then back to allegro with the piano as the instrument of choice in this piece, which was played by Yuko Terashima playing the instrument. This movement is marked by a tempo that is faster than the tempo in the first piece. In effect, the tempo made the place and the hall livelier, and it was evident that those attending the concert were beginning to appreciate the show as I was doing. After the first movement, an adagio followed the allegro and the tempo became more leisurely. In effect, I experienced a relaxed feeling and I appreciated the good music playing all along. The conductor, Fang-Ning Lim introduced the third piece as the Double Concerto, which is played in E Major and was composed by Max Bruch in 1734. April Sh ih played the violin while Douglas Rezende was playing the viola. With these two instruments, I expected the tempo to be relaxing and slow since the movement of this piece was moderato. I realized that the tempo progressively rose with the shape of the volume increasing in a crescendo. I I felt calm as this piece played while I was also filled with enthusiasm and anticipation at the same time. After the piece was over, the next piece followed since the conductor was the same although the violin was the only instrument used. In this case, the piece was Concerto in G Minor composed by Max Bruch with Lim telling the audience that the piece was composed between 1739 and 1738. Paul Lee played the only instrument in this movement, which was the violin with the movement being in andante allegro. In this case, the violin played in a slow tempo at the beginning and ended in a tempo that were fast and energetic. I realized that many people who had attended the concert were singing in apprecia tion as the movement progressed to a fast tempo. The fourth piece was the Concerto in D Minor, K.466 composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1785 as Lim told the audience. In this piece, Aidan Short played the piano in the movement that was an allegro. The movement

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Exploring Business, v. 2.0 book Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Exploring Business, v. 2.0 book - Article Example Trade is also measured through the concepts of trade surplus and trade deficit (134). There are tremendous opportunities for a business entity to enter the global markets, such as licensing agreements, contract manufacturing and outsourcing, alliances and joint ventures, FDIs and subsidiaries (140). This provides the business to grow extensively and create a market share on the international market. However, companies must be cautious and carefully consider the global business environment which would be vital for the success of the globalization plan. Companies should be sensitive on factors such as cultural environment, language, sociability, and intercultural communication (152). Trade controls will also play a critical role in engaging in globalization. Tariffs and quotas are present in every country which protects its vital and developing local industries (167). The reduction of trade barriers, such free trade agreements, also helps strengthen the regional trading market by bolstering the import and export between the member countries (171). International business is truly a lucrative field to develop a career, and preparing for such would require early strategic planning (179). Choosing an undergraduate degree specializing of a core business concept would be a strong foundation to prosper in an international business career. Studying international politics, economics, and culture, covering the concepts discussed above, will provide indispensible tools in doing international trades and business. Lastly, is developing the know-how of communicating in foreign languages (179). Being able to communicate with clients in their mother-tongue would definitely increase the changes of successful business